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 Standard Geo Icons

Stop Sign Icon Images

Stop Sign Icon

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Stop Sign icon
Stop Sign Icon
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File formats: ICO, GIF, PNG, BMP

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Using The Correct Image Format In Icon Creation.

There are numerous file formats that could be put to use for storing icons and for a newbie designer this can quickly lead to a major problem because you will have to understand how to incorporate a particular image format, offered in this article is an explanation of the advantages and issues of some popular image formats.

If you find yourself drawn to graphic making or would like to create graphical representations for your site, it is imperative to find out more about the various image file formats and their traits so that you can make use of the appropriate file format for graphics. Among the most popular file formats for graphics are JPEG, PNG and GIF, all of these file types has its own traits so lets talk about the benefits and drawbacks of utilizing these file formats, the type of image that should live up to the requirements of your website and optimizing your icons for the web.

GIF: It is short for Graphics Interchange Format; the format is by far the most popular file type. The popularity of this format can be attributed image size that is very small which makes it easy to upload them. But like in the JPEG format, information is not lost in this image format ; this equates to the fact that you will be able to save the image in a smaller size without messing the image quality. GIF offers transparency support in images, it is one of the most suitable image formats for picture designing. Unlike the other image formats, animation is also offered in GIF. If you would like to go for GIF file optimization, it is important to limit the file size; it is advisable that you pick a 32 color palette to create the smallest possible size.

JPEG: This is short for Joint Photographic Experts Group; the image format is commonly called JPG and is frequently seen for online graphics. One of the main advantages of utilizing this type of file is that you will be able to save the images in true color that offers you a palette of 16 million colors; this renders the file format suitable for storing photographs and graphics that have detailed color range. One of the problems of utilizing JPG is the data loss that is encountered every time the file is saved; this equates to the fact that the picture is susceptible to blurriness and many details may be lost. Unlike other file formats such as GIF, support for transparency is not provided in this file format. If you are using an advanced image editing software like the Adobe Photoshop, you will be able to pick the image quality and the file size but it is important to realize that a lower resolution will mean a small size, which is simple to upload.

PNG: Is short for Portable Network Graphics and is a fairly new file type. PNG is offered in two versions types; PNG-8 which has a 8 bit color format and the PNG-24 which has 24 color graphics. PNG-8 can compress images with great detail and without the usual loss of information seen in the GIf format; this results in improved quality pictures and quick uploads. But, PNG-24 is not as efficient as JPG when you need to store photos and other illustrations that need a wider color palette. The format is sans loss; this means that the photograph holds on to its crispness and quality. PNG-24 supports transparency and you can utilize various levels of the transparency feature in this image type. In this format the pictures are professional looking because they do not have the tell tale jagged edges when pitched on a contrasting color backgrounds like GIF files.

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Download Standard Geo Icons
Travel Icon Set Travel Icon Set includes amazing icons for the tourist business. The icons are created by an experienced designer to provide you the brightest colors and the smoothest edges.

Graphic Icon Set To get the best for your graphic editing software or design Web site, choose the Graphic Icon Set, crafted by experienced designers in a variety of sizes, file formats and color schemes.

Medical Icons for Vista Medical Icons for Vista has been design to eliminate any misunderstanding arising while looking at a medical webpage or operating a medical program. The icons are available in numerous sizes and formats.

Database Icon Set Database Icon Set brings you lots of stylish and colorful icons for database software development. The images are available in all the common icon sizes and file formats include BMP, ICO, GIF and PNG.

Messenger Icons for Vista The Vista Messenger icon collection is an excellent pack of icons that will breathe new life into your communications with friends across the world! The set is perfect for Vista with up to 256x256 sizes!