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Standard Transport Icons
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 Standard Transport Icons

Ambulance V3 Icon Images

Ambulance V3 Icon

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Ambulance V3 icon
Ambulance V3 Icon
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it has guessed that this majestic clot of a flame - a spherical congestion of stars. It beheld that to it the human eye could see only as the greased speck of light in sight of a telescope. He could not recollect, how is far from the Earth to the nearest spherical congestion, but knew well: in radius of thousand light years from Solar system anything similar is not present.

The capsule continued to rotate slowly, and to a sight of Boumena the strange thing - the huge red sun has opened new, even more, it is many times more than Moon what it sees from the Earth. It could look at it freely; judging by colouring, the sun it was not hot than the heated piece of coal. Here and there on a gloomy-crimson surface the bright yellow rivers, flaring Amazon flew, coiling on ten thousand kilometres and then being lost in deserts of the dying sun.

The capsule has ceased to turn; now the huge crimson sun looked directly at Boumena. Though movements it was not felt, he knew that still is in the authorities of those forces which have carried away it here from Saturn. All science and technical skill of the Earth seemed hopelessly primitive in comparison with these forces attracting it towards to an unknown, incomprehensible fate.

He tensely peered into space ahead, trying to see the purpose to which it attracted, maybe, a planet rotating around this sun. But he has not noticed anywhere neither a visible disk, nor especially bright point; if the sun also had planets, it could not make out them on a star background.

Suddenly on the very brink of a crimson solar disk he has noticed something strange. There has arisen and the white light - perhaps, sudden eruption or flash, that occur from time to time almost on all stars has fast inflamed.

The light all became brighter, it turned blue and spread on edge of the solar disk which blood-red shades have fast faded before it. Having grinned over absurd of the thought, Boumen nevertheless has thought, whether he observes sunrise... On the sun. So it also was. Over flaring horizon of the sun the star not more largely surrounding asterisks, but such bright was lifted that it was impossible to look at it. Tiny white-blue it, bright as light of an electric arch, it was suffered with improbable speed across a solar disk. Probably, it moved very close to a surface of the huge partner because directly under it the fiery column carried away by its attraction in height in many thousand kilometres - as though the tidal wave of a planet eternally born along equator of the red sun in a vain pursuit of a flying spark in the sky rose. Obviously, this stridently shining pin head was the white dwarf - one of strange furious small stars in the size of no more Earth, but a million times surpassing in its weight. Similar "mismatches" among stars are frequent, but whether Boumen could think, what he can see such double star the eyes? The white dwarf has run almost over half of crimson disk - on a complete coil to it. Some minutes were required, likely, all, - when Boumen was convinced, at last, that its capsule too moves. One of stars ahead all became brighter and has started to move concerning the general background. Probably, this small heavenly body is very close - can be, it and is that world where it flies?.

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