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Standard-icons provides a variety of icon sets for your convenience. With dazzling imagery, the toolbar icons are perfect to showcase the world’s most famous brands. The utilities consist of high-end graphics and streamlined features. From service prompts to software locales, they implement contemporary designs to facilitate any database, website and build value for the brand. The icon sets are equipped with several icons and various image formats. Windows icons have always been utilized to effectively market a brand or service.

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Please read our Icon Usage Agreement carefully to invest in smart designs without any complications.

Business Toolbar Icons

Create your own icons or choose from a range of toolbar icons in our constantly updated collection.

ICL-Icon Extractor

Pick the right combination of icons with our special tool. Choose one icon, and our ICL-Icon Extractor will find the best.

Order Icons, Icon Software

Create unique designs for your website and mobile applications with an independent team that will understand your requirements ship you the new set of unique icons on the same day.

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With the type of service that we provide today, any small and big business can re-think their application design and opt for modern icon designs that are available with us. Our team consists of the best industry-standard graphic designers who have the eye to create the right icons for the right applications. Find the designs that suit your business brand and receive constant support from our team.
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