4 Important Steps in Designing Icons

When you are designing a logo or icon for your app or website, you need to ensure that it projects your brand image and idea to the users. Major brands hire a team of designers who spend days and weeks deciding between a good and a better icon. They do this for every icon they need, so the brand value stays intact. When you are planning to design icons for your platform, you need something that stands out and looks interesting. People use smartphones in their daily lives and often forget about the apps they have downloaded. It is majorly because the icons do not stand out in a group of icons. If your icons do not look good today, it is time that you start working on them with the steps mentioned below.

Represent your brand

Your icons should create an impact among users and speak for your brand image. You need the best quality icons that are perfected in each way to maintain the standards of your brand. At the same time, the icons should be understandable for users so they can recognize them easily in a group of icons. The designers recommend that you start with a professional icon designing team to create an image in the market.

Designing Icons

Symbolize your brand

Why is Apple’s logo so popular and known around the world despite just being an eaten apple? It is the symbolism combined with the brand image that creates the reputation for Apple. A symbol can be a representation of the idea of your company or a snippet of a logo. For example, today when you see even The Pimp logo anywhere in any shape and even color, you know that it is an icon for the brand. This is the connection you need while creating famous brand icons.

Scale your icons

Imagine you need to set your icon as a desktop wallpaper. You have created a complex icon with several small elements visible to your eyes. Now, use the same wallpaper for your mobile screen. Do you notice the difference? The icon shrinks and hides all the small elements that were first visible at a larger scale. You need to avoid this mistake and put details so you can see them on every scale. However, if you do not notice the difference in different scales, you might be on the right path.

Think outside the box

What makes icons special? It is the creativity and the idea behind the representation of the brand that makes it unique. You cannot fool the users with a copied idea for long. If you are using stock icons from an online platform today, chances are the same icons are used by thousands of other services. It is recommended that you do something on your own. Pick the right colors, design, balance, and creativity to make a design that looks unique and stands out.

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