5 Tips for Designing Icons That You Need Today

App development is one of the leading markets for developers to find clients and design creative app designs for them. We often oversee the smallest details in every app that makes them complete. For example, when we click on an app, we put our thumb on the app icon, making it completely invisible to our eyes. We forget to admire how well detailed the icons on the app can be. Similarly, even developers often forget to work on the icons and thus fail to add the branding touch to the app. Here are the app design ideas that designers need today to keep things creative and valuable.

Easy to read

If you are adding text to an icon, you must make sure that it is easily readable. You should use visuals that can be recognizable and easy to understand. What you write should be related to the app brand so people can remember the icon. If your icon has a confusing design with text that does not hint at the brand name, the users will have difficulty remembering the icon.

Designing Icons

Think Icon

When you create an icon, it is not just an image but a representation of the entire brand. It is a combination of the company logo, text, and the theme of the app. Most icons we see today are not just images but the graphic representation of an idea. Creating a graphic icon will automatically add more visual weight to the value of the app.

Vibrant Colors

Your app icon should pop out of the screen when it is in a group of apps with icons that look dead. Vibrant color choices are the way to go for designing any icon. At the same time, the color of the icons should also match the brand’s color and its idea. Remember that different shades of the same color are not the necessary approach. Instead, use a contrasting color that compliments the brand color well.

Designing Icons


More brands are using iconic symbols to create a standard for their branding and logos. It creates an arrangement of branding and logos that can fit all types of projects of a brand. Symbols also remain in the memory of users more than plain texts and colors. Include more symbols if necessary while creating an icon, but do not overdo it to cover the main symbol of your brand.


Users can adjust their apps in different sizes for convenience. Some like large icons, while others like smaller ones. Your job is to create an icon that can adjust according to the scale. It should be visible regardless of the size. People can access the platform from their laptops and their mobile phone. The icons should appear clear and detailed no matter how shrank or expanded they become.

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