How to Create Effective Icons

Icons represent the theme of a platform. Whether it is a website or a smart device app, an icon should convey the message of its function while also relating to the brand’s idea and value. Today, independent icon designing companies distribute creative and unique icons on their platforms and create unique designs for their clients. It is important to take your time in picking the right icons for your platform. Make sure that all icons you create are of the highest quality. Here are the effective tips for creating unique and creative icons.

Start with a grid

Always have your icons measured to fit together. Create a boundary for your icons by leaving the two outermost pixels of your icons boundary blank. It creates breathing room for your icon. You can also use this no-go zone to create a 3D effect for your icon or add text or a symbol that should not cover your main icon areas. This will help you maintain the icon value in different themes of mobile and computer platforms. It will also create a size balance between multiple icons if you use the same size grid for them.

Effective Icons

Use simple geometric shapes

Use major shapes to create the backdrop for your icons. You can create a highly detailed icon, but simpler shapes are more accepted among users for their value. Use a good shape tool such as Abobe Illustrator. If you add too many things to a mobile app icon, it will seem less refined compared to when you use simpler shapes.

Use mathematical precision

No matter how much you want to finish off an icon with unmeasured graffiti, it is important that you plan everything mathematically. Freehand is not the right choice while creating icons, as they also represent the dedication and professionalism of your brand. The inconsistency in angles, curves, lines, and corners can easily get noticed by users and seem odd.

Effective Icons

Pay attention to each pixel

Make sure that your precision is for every pixel that your icon contains. Use the anti-aliasing setting to finish the edges of your icons. If you do not follow this simple step, your icon can look pixelated when a user zooms in. It will also break your icon on the edges. When you align the icon to the pixel grid, make sure about the precision of angles and curves.

Line weights

Effective Icons

Two-line weights are common for icons, but three can also become necessary in some cases. You must create a hierarchy between your icons throughout the app or platform. The user should feel the visual hierarchy while using your app. However, if you add more than three icon sets, it can get equally confusing. That is why you need to know when you can create a line style or a shape while making the main icon and the informative icons at the bottom.

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